The coronavirus is real. 5G EMF and COVID 19

Novel SARS 2 – COVID 19 and it is killing people.

The coronavirus is real and it is brand new. There are a lot of unknowns about this epidemic.  I outline if 4 easy steps why we know the virus is real.  We are at a stage where many theories exist and we may never get straight answers, but luckily as time moves on more information will come to light and we need to take comfort in that. Scientists and researchers only have theories as to why some people get sick and die yet a caregiver can be totally fine. I believe the main reason for this is that many of the current testing methods give false negatives and positives.  Especially some tests are only really effective if the person is really sick.  The other reason is how healthy the immune system is.  Another reason could be how one strain of the virus only mutates once it reaches a more susceptible host. Again all theories.

Why we know the coronavirus is real and the reason for the pandemic.

1 – Symptoms are all the same symptoms. It starts with small flu like symptoms then a fever followed by a dry cough and if you are very unlucky you can’t breathe.  This can all take 2 weeks or longer.

2 – Grow out a cultured virus and isolate it.   Canadians did it first. Woot.

3 – No one who is “normal” has the virus in their blood. For example we are not carrying around these antibodies unless we have the virus.

4 – Isolate the virus and infect animal and they get the same disease. As far as I know, not done.  Latest news is a zoo keeper gave it to a Tiger in New York. There is a lot of anecdotal evidence that pets are passing it along as well.

5G and EMF

The idea that 5G is ma

king people sick and not the coronavirus is also a theory.  Yes, 5G is very concerning and requires the use of the precautionary principle. The idea that 5G is the reason people are getting sick and dying may be incorrect as many folks continue to get the virus all over the world whe there is no 5G.  Also there is no science on how 5G is harmful only theories.  Yes we need to take the precautionary approach with it, yes in theory there is a biological effect.

WHO and ICNIRP acknowledge that electromagnetic fields (not just 5G technology) have an effect on our immune system and our biology.  The argument is how harmful.  There are thousands of peer-reviewed studies that show there is an effect.  The problem is they are hard to replicate and usually the cell’s health returns to normal after the radiation stops. More science needs to be done, but finding non-biased funding is challenging. I talk about that issue in a previous video.

Yes I agree 5G and all EMF’s are a long term health hazard and need to be mitigated, therefore 5G needs to be completely halted unless it is proven there are no health hazards.  To say that there is no virus or that 5G is the cause is incorrect especially since it is possible that two people living in a strong radiation environment where one can die from the virus and another will be fine.

How the virus kills.



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